WWDC 2009, I am coming!

Apr 24 2009

Just bought my ticket for WWDC 2009!

WWDC 2009 Count Down

Today is the last day for early bird price (Saving $300). I got it in Canada for CAD $1699. Really not cheap.

Funny story, I thought I can buy it cheaper in US store, but it turns out even worse. The final price will have tax be added onto original price USD $1295, which will be USD $1414 in total. And USD $1414 is about CAD $1728 as of today.

Look forward to it!

WWDC 2009

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  1. Have a good time LiBin! I’m sure you’ll take lots of pictures…

  2. Hey! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot! Looking forward to your updates from WWDC!

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