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Democamp Toronto, Flex and Air, Haxies

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1. Democamp Toronto 17

Democamp Toronto 17 is absolutely another great event again! More than 300 people have attended.

Only want to highlight two here:

  • AskItOnline is a online survey system created by Kaitlyn MacLachlan totally on her own. It is a pretty beautiful and useful application. Kaitlyn wins the best demo prize.
  • Ignite presentation “The State of Wireless in Canada Sucks” from Tom Purves could be the best ignite presentation in the history of Democamp Toronto so far. Well done, Tom!

Joey Devilla had a very detail post on the schedules, please check it out here. I believe he will post some more tonight soon.

Check out the official site of Democamp Toronto too:

2. Adobe Flex 3.0 and Air 1.0

Finally, its On – Flex 3.0 and Adobe AIR 1.0 Are Here!

3. Haxies updated! It works on Leopard!

Haxies – Love it or hate it!

In computing, a Haxie is a term which was coined by developer Unsanity to describe their products. It is a blend of “hack” and “Mac OS X”. Unsanity uses it to refer to “hacks” that are specifically designed for use with its Application Enhancer (APE) software. These are typically small interface and functionality tweaks to the system or existing applications by injecting code into programs as they load.

Until yesterday, all the haxies which come from Unsanity or other companies didn’t work on Leopard, all of them. It is a real pain for somebody who loves these little, cute and useful hack tools, such as me.

After several months hard work, the development team in Unsanity finally bring them back to Leopard today: Enthusiastic Trepidation!

Here are some of them what I use all the time:

WindowShade X. It minimizes your windows on desktop, or shades them.

FontCard. It shows a WYSIWYG font menu for your applications.

FruitMenu. It helps you easily access everything from your menu.

Menu Master. It helps you to create shortcut keys for any menu items of any your applications.

Big day today, by all means!

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The best projector standby screen

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Sometime life is very frustrating at the beginning of you presentation. You have some awesome slides in your computer, after you connect to a projector, nothing happened. Pull off and plug in again, still nothing happened. Suddenly the room becomes very quite and everybody is looking at you. :D

You may start to look at your laptop keyboard and try to find the magic keys which can help you out. But which one is the right one?

Here is a picture what I have taken at the beginning of a presentation today in PodCamp Toronto. This is the best projector standby screen I have ever seen!

It simply tell you which keys can help you share your screen with projector:

  • Panasonic and NEC laptop uses Fn + F3
  • HP, Sharp and Toshiba laptop uses Fn + F5
  • IBM and Sony laptop uses Fn + F7
  • Dell and Epson laptop uses Fn + F8
  • Fujitsu laptop uses Fn + F10
  • Apple laptop uses F7

Pretty cool!

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Workaround on Aperture 2.0 Crashes

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I am using iPhoto to manage all my pictures as I don’t think I am a photographer or a shutterbug in any way. And iPhoto does have all the features what I really need. So I didn’t pay any attention on Aperture before.

One of my friend was coming to me and asked a question about Aperture 2.0 today. He said he was trying it in another day, but it crashed all the time when he want to export pictures out, even click “Export” preference tab would crash too.

This is really unusual for a software which is came from Apple. :)

Before ask google, I did a quick look on his log file. Interestingly, before crashing there was one line said something about color pickers. So I opened his ~/Library/ColorPickers and found he has installed pretty much every color pickers what I have mentioned in another post – “Choose your right colors on Mac is not easy – My Mac Serial 1“. :D

Simply moving color pickers out really solved the Aperture crashing problem. So it is the issue resource then.

Well, we still need some color pickers, right? I put every color pickers back one by one and found “RCWebColorPicker” is the one who breaks Aperture this time.

Anyway, here are some more information:

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