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MacHeist 3 Bundle

Mar 25 2009 Published by under Apple,English,Mac,OS X,Software

Just bought mine, you should get it before it’s gone! Believe me.

MacHeist 3 Bundle

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iPhone 3.0 and Canadian

Mar 17 2009 Published by under Apple,Canada,English

Today, March 17, 2009.

Apple has released their iPhone OS 3.0 preview, which became a world wide event.

Some highlight:

  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Peer to peer
  • Spotlight search
  • In-App Purchases

And, as of today, I officially become a Canadian! Finally!

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Happy First Anniversary to

Mar 04 2009 Published by under English

Today marks the one year anniversary since the launch of!

It’s been a quite a year as the site has grown whole a lot bigger than what we’ve had 1 year ago. Thanks to all of our users and friends from everybody here in Savvica!

The biggest birthday gift to all the LearnHubers is the brand new redesigned homepage, which created by our the best Carsten and Wesley!

Here is the very first homepage we had a year ago:

Here is the second redesigned homepage we had, which was the same time we were on TechCrunch:

It has been a long run, here is the new one after a year:

It is beautiful! Go ahead to visit Learnhub now.

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Developing Applications for WebOS – Preview slides

Mar 04 2009 Published by under Apple,English

Palm Pre Developer Network Blog has just posted the slides to the Developing Applications for WebOS webcast.

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Microsoft Office Labs’ Future Vision Montage

Mar 01 2009 Published by under Apple,English

On Feb 27, 2009, Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop unveils Microsoft Corp.’s vision for the future of business technology.

There full version press release video is available here – Microsoft Business Division Virtual Presskit: Vision.

The best part of this press is the following video (2 minutes long), which presents Microsoft’s vision of Office 2019:

Here is the full version about the “Future Vision Montage”, 5 minutes long:

Here is the PowerPoint file for Stephen Elop’s Keynote.

For the comparison:

Apple’s “Future shock” Knowledge Navigator concept device from 1987:

For the vision montage it self, I am pretty enjoy watching it. And I could always feel that the application is too complicated to develop/use, too much information and too much distraction on the unrealistic giant screen.

I think 10 years is really way too short for Microsoft’s vision coming true. The computers we were using in 1999 are not that big different from what we have now, and how big is the different from Office 95 and Office 2008 again?

Anyway, we should never stop dreaming and hoping!

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