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How to create a working Facebook Application in a minute?

Mar 11 2008 Published by under English,Facebook

I’ve created my first video lesson on

This video is 1 minute and 5 seconds long. The first minute shows how to create a Facebook Application, followed by 5 seconds showing the app in action!


ScreenFlow 1.1 from Vara Software

Music is cut from Jazz in GarageBand

Application is on:

Planning on the next one: 5 minutes Facebook Application by RFacebook and HAML. Stay tuned, please. :D

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FacebookCamp Toronto 3

Feb 05 2008 Published by under English,Facebook,Toronto

Just came back from FacebookCamp Toronto 3. It was absolutely another great event again!

As you can see here, there were more than 400 people from Toronto or around area attended this camp. Actually FacebookCamp Toronto is the biggest Facebook Developer Garage in the whole world so far. Pretty amazing!

I’ve uploaded all the photos I’ve taken onto FacebookCamp Event page, please check out them here:

Here is the links to the detail pages: (Group) (Event) (Agenda and detail wiki page)

The actual agenda was pretty much the same as the wiki one, except Dave’s keynote has been moved after “Facebook vs OpenSocial” as he was stuck in the traffic.

  • Intro – update from last FBCT (Roy/Colin/Andrew)

Facebook gets bigger and bigger, Facebook users in Canada get more and more…

  • Facebook Pages Case Study ( Andrew Cherwenka, Trapeze Media )

Even a Facebook Page can make a success marketing story too!

  • Bebo Facebook Application ( Roy Pereira & Colin Smillie, refresh partners )

First website who has licensed Facebook API. Transferring apps from Facebook to Bebo is not that easy now, but it’s getting better.

“Write once, run anywhere” is not exactly true. Damn!

  • ExtremeVP Introduction (Amar Varma)

I am on Facebook and I am using Mac!

“A lot of big things will happen on Facebook Platform, but I don’t tell you now.”

  • Website Marketing in Facebook Case Study ( Tim Shore, BlogTO )

Toronto Faves and Toronto Events, don’t miss them if you are in Toronto too.

Jay Goldman – Author of “Facebook Cookbook”. Check out his blog for more detail information on Facebook Beacons.

Demos: 5 minutes each ( 5 Slots, no more, see you next time)

Their status is COOL.

3D Scene on Facebook.

From Facebook President to ePresident.

I debate this will be big.

Serious business conference call for free.

What a wonderful time! See you next camp. :)

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Updates on ToRCHI Facebook Group

Feb 01 2008 Published by under English,Facebook,Toronto

Couple of things need to remember about Facebook groups:

  1. You have to choose a network which your group belongs to
  2. After you click “Finish and View”, you couldn’t change network anymore
  3. Only the people are in the same network can join your group

So, here’s one things make sure you do it right at the very beginning:

  1. Set Global as the network of your group.

But, if I already created a group and want to change its network, what can I do?

The answer from Facebook is very simple: recreate it.

Today we created a new group for ToRCHI:

And the next monthly meeting will be the “Tour of IBM’s Innovation Centre“, make sure add it to your events.

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