HackerNews for iPad

HackerNews for iPad is the best way to read HackerNews‘ on your iPad!


Version History:

HackerNews for iPad 1.2
April 2010
On Sale now.

New Feature:
1. Add Support for Instapaper on “Read Later” function

HackerNews for iPad 1.1
April 2010
First Approved Release.

New Feature:
1. Add “Open in Safari” function

HackerNews for iPad 1.0
March 2010
Initial Rejected Release.

Submitted and got rejected by Apple. Rejection reason was “too simple”.

5 responses so far

  1. Hi,
    Could you please add the feature of using instapaper mobilizer inside your application?
    Right now we have to switch from instapaper app to your app for every time we want to comment an article, which a quite boring operation.
    Stefano Uliari

  2. Hey Stefano, if you let me know your UDID, I can send you a beta version to try out. It has the support for Instapaper Mobilizer.


  3. Terrific Work, i love the application! I saw your application on the apple site and I will be putting it on my site as soon as I add my next updates. You might get a few downloads from it.

  4. Could you please add support to spread news on twitter and facebook?

  5. Second the request for Twitter + Facebook integration.

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