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MacHeist 3 Bundle

Mar 25 2009 Published by under Apple,English,Mac,OS X,Software

Just bought mine, you should get it before it’s gone! Believe me.

MacHeist 3 Bundle

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Time to say Goodbye to QuickSilver?

Jan 12 2009 Published by under Apple,English,Mac,OS X,Software

QuickSilver is our favorite application on the Mac. The great developer of this awesome tool – Nicholas Jitkoff has made it opensource and went to work for google more than a year ago.

Today, the same Nicholas Jitkoff from Google has introduced The Quick Search Box. Which I would believe is a replacement for QuickSilver from now on.

The good things are:

  1. Same awesome developer and more
  2. Still opensource
  3. Google

Go ahead grab it for yourself at:

Some tips:

  • If you have hard time on adding Google Account, please try capitalizing the first letter of your username and domain name, such as ‘Libin.Pan’ and ‘’

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Mac Giving Tree rewards you with free applications

Dec 25 2008 Published by under English,Mac,OS X,Software

Hope you can see this before it’s gone.

At least you should get 1Passwd for free for today here. It was the first software I’ve bought after I’ve been maced.

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Code Search Engines

Oct 09 2008 Published by under English,Software

Learning by samples:

  1. Google Code Search
  2. Krugle
  3. Byte My Code
  4. Dzone Snippets
  5. Code Fetch
  6. Codase
  7. Snipplr
  8. O’reilly Code Search
  9. JSourcery
  10. Merobase
  11. GitHub
  12. Koders

Credit: 10 Code Search Engines

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Google Chrome漫画书中文版

Sep 02 2008 Published by under Software,中文

Chrome for Windows is already available for downloading at

这里是Google Chrome漫画书的中文版,原文发布于新浪

Google Chrome漫画书中文版Upload a Document to Scribd
Read this document on Scribd: Google Chrome漫画书中文版

Want to know more?
Chrome at LearnHub

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Google Chrome and Its Comic Book

Sep 01 2008 Published by under English,Software

Chrome for Windows is ready for downloading now:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is Google’s open source browser project. As rumored before under the name of “Google Browser”, this will be based on the existing rendering engine Webkit. Furthermore, it will include Google’s Gears project.

Google just announced it will launch a new web browser tomorrow, Sep. 2nd, 2008. It’s called Chrome.

So why are we launching Google Chrome? Because we believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web.

A interest part of this launch is Google created a comic book to explain the Chrome. I spent some time put it together as a pdf share it here:

Google Chrome Comic BookUpload a Document to Scribd
Read this document on Scribd: Google Chrome Comic Book

Want to know more:
Chrome on LearnHub
A fresh take on the browser
Google on Google Chrome – comic book

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Ubiquity – Quicksliver in your browser?

Aug 27 2008 Published by under English,Software

Mozilla just released an experiment version of Ubiquity yesterday.

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What to do when GitHub goes bad

Jul 28 2008 Published by under English,Ruby,Software

What to do when GitHub goes bad?

This was originally posted on github, I save a backup here just in case. :)

  • Git build-in server

git daemon –base-path=/Users/libinpan/clone-from-github –export-all

git clone git://…

Note: The default port git uses is 9418. Make sure that your firewall is set up to handle this.

  • GitWeb

git instaweb –httpd=webrick

  • Deploy with Capistrano

set :repository, “git://”

Zemanta Pixie

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Outsourcing 2.0

Jul 04 2008 Published by under Agile,English,Software

Working with web developers in India: why, whom, and how

Outsourcing or not?

Win-win or win-lose?

Be sure to read the comments.

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iftop – Find out who is eating your bandwidth

Jul 03 2008 Published by under Apple,English,Mac,OS X,Software

iftop: display bandwidth usage on an interface

How to install?

  • Download and install the Universal Binary from here
  • Or if you already have MacPort installed

sudo port install iftop

How to use it?

  • run “ifconfig -l” or “/Applications/Utilities/Network\” to get your network interface id.

  • In my case is ‘en1′, so I just type into Terminal:

sudo iftop -i en1

Tales From The Command Line: Where Has My Bandwidth Gone?

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