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TextMate Sql Formatter Command

Oct 27 2009 Published by under Database,English,Mac,OS X,Ruby,TextMate

Recently, I am doing some heavy database migrations, so I spend a lot of time on playing with SQL again. It’s fun as always. But there are some SQL files are quite long and messy. There is no problem on running, but it’s really painful to look at and do any changes.

So I went out and tried to find any SQL Formatters. There are quite a few and I’ve tasted them as many as I can.

At the end, I found myself really enjoy using Instant SQL Formatter from Gudu Software. It has a free online sql tidy tool and it’s very powerful:

Instant SQL Formatter is a free online sql tidy tool, actually, it not only can beautify your sql but also can turn your formatted sql into html code, so you can post coloured sql code in your blog, forum,wiki and any website easily. In addition to beautifying SQL code, this sql tool can translate SQL code into C#, Java, PHP, DELPHI and other program languages. Another useful feature is find out all database objects such as table, column, function in sql by selecting output format to list database object.

Here is the Free online Tool and here are some examples you can see. Quite impressive! To format your SQL, you just need paste the sql in the textarea, choose the database and output format then press “Format SQL”, you’ll get the result right away.

Every SQL file looks great now. But after tens of copy & paste and copy & paste between TextMate and browser, it feels not as smooth as I want. I think I should find a better way.

Gudu software does provide some desktop version even add-ins, sadly there are all Windows based. It’s not a option for me.

After reading the page source of their free online tool, here is the result:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'net/http'

url = ''
url = URI.parse(url)
http =, url.port)

query = "<sqlpp_request><dbvendor>mysql</dbvendor><outputfmt>SQL</outputfmt><inputsql>#{ENV['TM_SELECTED_TEXT']}</inputsql><formatoptions><keywordcs>Uppercase</keywordcs><identifiercs>Lowercase</identifiercs><functioncs>InitCap</functioncs><lnbrwithcomma>after</lnbrwithcomma><liststyle>stack</liststyle><salign>sleft</salign><quotechar>\"</quotechar></formatoptions></sqlpp_request>"

header = {
  'Referer' => '',
  'User-Agent' => 'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Firefox/3.0.1'

resp, data =, query, header)

puts resp.error! unless data
formatted_sql = data[/<formattedsql>.*<\/formattedsql>/m].gsub(/<\/?.*>/, '')

puts formatted_sql

Download TextMate SqlFormatter Command

How to install?

After save to your own disk, unzip it, just open those tmCommand files and add them into your TextMate. The shortcut key has been set to Command+Shift+F for now.

As you can see there are two tmCommand files. The “SQL Formatter – Stack” will format you sql with every fields has its own line, the “No Stack” one will put all the fields into one line. Try them and you’ll see the difference.

How to use it?

Open TextMate,  select the SQL query you want to format and press Command+Shift+F. The beautiful formatted SQL will replace the selected SQL “instantly”!


The command is using free online Instant SQL Formatter, so the internet is required.

What’s next?

As I said before, SQL Pretty Printer is really powerful. I really should create a complete TextMate Bundle instead of just one command. But before doing this, I should get the permission from them now.

Any update will be posted here, hopefully soon.

Enjoy the SQL Formatter Command and stay tuned for more.

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Rails 2.3 BacktraceCleaner and TextMate

Sep 23 2009 Published by under English,Ruby,TextMate

Start from Rails 2.3, it includes a new class called BacktraceCleaner:

Many backtraces include too much information that’s not relevant for the context. This makes it hard to find the signal in the backtrace and adds debugging time. With a BacktraceCleaner, you can setup filters and silencers for your particular context, so only the relevant lines are included.

Here’s how it works:

bc =
bc.add_filter { |line| line.gsub(Rails.root, ”) }
bc.add_silencer { |line| line =~ /mongrel|rubygems/ }
bc.clean(exception.backtrace) # will strip the Rails.root prefix and skip any lines from mongrel or rubygems

Which is simple, great and smart, well, most of the time.

If you are a hardcore TextMate fan, like me, and you like using command+R to run your ruby code/test, you will find you can’t open files by clicking the backtrace list links on the result window. Actually, you still can, but instead of opening the file you want, it opens a new window with a empty new file.

The reason is simple, BacktraceCleaner has a default filter “line.gsub(Rails.root, ”)”. It removes your project path from file full name.

Solution is simple too:

  1. Remove “add_filter   { |line| line.sub(“#{RAILS_ROOT}/”, ”) }” from “vendor/rails/railties/lib/rails/backtrace_cleaner.rb”
  2. Add “Rails.backtrace_cleaner.add_filter { |line| line.sub(“#{RAILS_ROOT}/”, ”) } unless RAILS_ENV == ‘test’” to “config/initializers/backtrace_silencers.rb”

That’s it. Is it a bug for Rails, or not?

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TextMate Shortcuts Desktop

Aug 23 2009 Published by under Apple,Mac,OS X,Ruby,TextMate

I’ve been using this TextMate shortcuts Desktop Wallpaper for two years already, it’s really helpful, no matter how long have you used TextMate. And, did we missed anything new about TextMate in the past two or three years? I don’t think so.

Snow Leopard is here already, but we still know nothing about TextMate 2.

Download ↓

TextMate Keyboard Shortcuts Desktop Wallpaper 1280 x 800

TextMate Keyboard Shortcuts Desktop Wallpaper 1920 x 1200

Source: Scott Boms

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Feb 19 2009 Published by under English,Ruby,Toronto

RubyFringe presents… FutureRuby — Leaders of Tomorrow, Today!

See you there soon!

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Matz Q & A | RubyConf 08

Nov 08 2008 Published by under English,Ruby

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Keynote | Dave Thomas | RubyConf 08

Nov 07 2008 Published by under English,Ruby

Fork Ruby!


… …

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HotCocoa | RubyConf 08

Nov 07 2008 Published by under English,Mac,OS X,Ruby

OS X Application Development with HotCocoa
– Rich Kilmer

This will change the world!

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Ruby heavy-lifting | RubyConf 08

Nov 07 2008 Published by under English,Ruby

Lazy load it, event it, defer it, and then optimize it
– Ilya Grigorik

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Effective & creative coding | RubyConf 08

Nov 07 2008 Published by under English,Ruby

Help from Cognitive Psychology in Caring for the Rubyist’s Mind
– Eric Ivancich

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Lightweight WS with Sinatra & RestClient

Nov 07 2008 Published by under English,Ruby

Adam Wiggins – author of RestClient – talked about Sinatra, and Blake Mizerany – author of Sinatra – talked about RestClient.

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