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Outsourcing 2.0

Jul 04 2008 Published by under Agile,English,Software

Working with web developers in India: why, whom, and how

Outsourcing or not?

Win-win or win-lose?

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XPToronto Workshop: Agile Requirements and Planning Using Stories

Feb 20 2008 Published by under Agile,English,Toronto

What’s XPToronto?

The XPToronto/Agile Users Group is a dedicated community of software development specialists located in the Toronto, Canada area. The members of XPToronto are committed to the acceptance of Agile development methodologies, such as Extreme Programming, Scrum and many others.

We usually have discussion meetings on the third Tuesday of every month, except for the months of July and August when we break for the summer. From “Previous Presentations” page you can find a lot of Agile experts and book authors. Such as:

Yesterday’s meeting is about “Agile Requirements and Planning Using Stories”, presented by Lawrence Ludlow who is current leading the XPToronto community.

Lawrence gave a presentation that he developed in the past to introduce new clients to agile development and how Intelliware approach project scoping and plannin. There was a lot of information and experience sharing.

Anyway, if you missed the workshop, there is one quote from Mr. Ludlow you shouldn’t miss:

How to do Agile planning?

  1. Make it work
  2. Make it right
  3. Make it faster

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