RubyFringe 2008 First Day Summarize

Jul 20 2008

Thanks Pete and Unspace for putting together this great event!
Even we already had a pretty high expectation on RubyFringe, the quality of every sessions are still surprisingly good! I was so impressed and inspired!
Here is my short and sweet version of first day summarize:
Jay Phillips -
I have no time for the college, checkout my sexy Adhearsion.
Dan Grigsby -
Know who are your customers and find ways to reach them.
Tobias Lutke -
Memcached is your good friend, here are my awesome tips.
Yehuda Katz -
Merb is awesome, datamaper is awesome, thor is awesome, johnson is awesome, YARD is awesome.
Luke Francl -
Code coverage is bullsh*t, read some good books, pay someone to use your site and watch them using it.
Nick Sieger -
Let’s enjoy some Jazz!
Obie Fernandez -
Pick your clients, close you deals and I will kick your ass if you only charge less than $150 per hour.
Matt Todd -
Fuck it! Let’s just do it!
Jeremy McAnally -
Your web framework sucks and you know it.
Zed Shaw -
No more Ruby on Rails! Let’s play some fucking awesome music, then peace out!

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