The best projector standby screen

Feb 23 2008

Sometime life is very frustrating at the beginning of you presentation. You have some awesome slides in your computer, after you connect to a projector, nothing happened. Pull off and plug in again, still nothing happened. Suddenly the room becomes very quite and everybody is looking at you. :D

You may start to look at your laptop keyboard and try to find the magic keys which can help you out. But which one is the right one?

Here is a picture what I have taken at the beginning of a presentation today in PodCamp Toronto. This is the best projector standby screen I have ever seen!

It simply tell you which keys can help you share your screen with projector:

  • Panasonic and NEC laptop uses Fn + F3
  • HP, Sharp and Toshiba laptop uses Fn + F5
  • IBM and Sony laptop uses Fn + F7
  • Dell and Epson laptop uses Fn + F8
  • Fujitsu laptop uses Fn + F10
  • Apple laptop uses F7

Pretty cool!

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