Workaround on Aperture 2.0 Crashes

Feb 23 2008

I am using iPhoto to manage all my pictures as I don’t think I am a photographer or a shutterbug in any way. And iPhoto does have all the features what I really need. So I didn’t pay any attention on Aperture before.

One of my friend was coming to me and asked a question about Aperture 2.0 today. He said he was trying it in another day, but it crashed all the time when he want to export pictures out, even click “Export” preference tab would crash too.

This is really unusual for a software which is came from Apple. :)

Before ask google, I did a quick look on his log file. Interestingly, before crashing there was one line said something about color pickers. So I opened his ~/Library/ColorPickers and found he has installed pretty much every color pickers what I have mentioned in another post – “Choose your right colors on Mac is not easy – My Mac Serial 1“. :D

Simply moving color pickers out really solved the Aperture crashing problem. So it is the issue resource then.

Well, we still need some color pickers, right? I put every color pickers back one by one and found “RCWebColorPicker” is the one who breaks Aperture this time.

Anyway, here are some more information:


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