MacBreak Weekly 75: MacHeist Replies

Jan 30 2008

MacBreek WeeklyMacBreak Weekly is one of the best podcast which focuses on Apple, Mac and OS X. If you didn’t subscribe it, I strongly recommend you to do so. You can easily find the way on their homepage:

The hosts of this episode are same as usual: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Andy Ihnatko, Scott Bourne, and Alex Lindsay. Two of them are little sick.

The guests are Philip Ryu form MacHeist and Andrew Welch from Ambrosia. It is really interesting to hear talking from these people, who are great developers or people who are behind some big things in Mac World.

Why “MacHeist Replies”? The short story is:

  1. MacHeist recently had a great success on selling $500 software bundle for just $49. The final number is: 43,815 bundles sold and $488,003 raised for charity.
  2. In the last episode, MacBreak Weekly 74, the guest Rich Siegel (from Bare Bones Software, the creater of BBEdit) “dismisses the arguements” related to MacHeist bundle.
  3. In this episode, Philip Ryu and Andrew Welch talked back.

It is amazing to see such a podcast could feature exactly like a old school serious TV shows!

Anyway, subscribe it and you will like it too.

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