Learnhub Badge

Apr 15 2009 Published by under English

We’ve just launched our the very first badge builder at LearnHub! Go ahead to create your own. It’s as easy as pie.

Learnhub Badge Builder

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Happy First Anniversary to LearnHub.com

Mar 04 2009 Published by under English

Today marks the one year anniversary since the launch of Learnhub.com!

It’s been a quite a year as the site has grown whole a lot bigger than what we’ve had 1 year ago. Thanks to all of our users and friends from everybody here in Savvica!

The biggest birthday gift to all the LearnHubers is the brand new redesigned homepage, which created by our the best Carsten and Wesley!

Here is the very first homepage we had a year ago:

Here is the second redesigned homepage we had, which was the same time we were on TechCrunch:

It has been a long run, here is the new one after a year:

It is beautiful! Go ahead to visit Learnhub now.

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Learnhub on ByteClub.TV!

Jan 07 2009 Published by under English

Investigate the latest in global online learning strategies.


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Community practicing on the world’s largest Question Bank

Jul 08 2008 Published by under English,Toronto

We’ve just launched a new feature on LearnHub.com: Question Bank.

Over 1,500 members use this innovative social interface to practice for exams, which includes tools to allow members to time themselves, debate solutions and strategy with each other, and to track their improvement over time. The question banks grow daily as members and staff add new questions. As one of the only alternatives to expensive books and courses, LearnHub’s free SAT and GMAT communities are catching on quickly, averaging 50 new members every day since their launch.


Here is one thing makes our question bank so unique:

After you answer the questions, you will not only see the correct answers, but also the comments from other people who have answered the same question! And you can share your thoughts with us too.

Simple, but useful.

Should I say: it’s time for Community Practicing?!

More on news:

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Learnhub.com Introduces Free SAT and GMAT Question Banks, WATBlog

LearnHub launches world’s largest free SAT & GMAT question banks, Chalo Campus

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Tasty Crunching on LearnHub

Jun 11 2008 Published by under English,Ruby,Toronto

We’ve redesigned our homepage:

And get TechCrunched:


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Introducing the Google AJAX Translation WordPress Plugin

Mar 21 2008 Published by under English,WordPress


Please see this page for the new version: Google AJAX Translation 0.2.0

Google just released a new API yesterday: Google AJAX Language API.

AJAX Language API is built on top of Google Translate, it current supports 13 languages and 29 translation pairs. It is new but it is already very powerful. If you want to know more about how to use it on your website, please see Google AJAX Language API Document for more details.

We in Savvica want to use this cool technology in our awesome website: LearnHub.com. In the middle of doing this today, I was thinking about to enable this feature on my blog too. :)

So, here we go, the Google AJAX Translation WordPress Plugin is arrived.

Please download from here:


Installation is very simple:

  1. Download the plugin archive and expand it
  2. Put the ‘ajaxtranslate.php’ file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory, or put the ‘ajaxtranslation’ folder into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click ‘Activate’ for Google AJAX Translation.
  4. Have fun with your blog readers.
  5. Please see my blog as an example

Couple things still need to know:

  • Google Ajax Translate only allow 500 characters right now (March 2008)
  • So this plugin only supports translating the first 500 characters of your blog comments
  • In the current version(0.1), I only enable comment translation by default. There are two reasons for this:
    • Most of your posts are more than 500 characters, but most of your blog comments aren’t
    • Google will translate characters inside of html tags, which will mess your blog for sure
  • If you still want to use it with your post too, please comment out line 79 in ajatranslation.php
  • This is just an initial release, lots of feature will be added in. Please stay tuned.

If you want to do some changes and glad to share with all of us, please feel free to comment here or send me email @ libin.pan at gmail dot com.

I hope you will like it.

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First day in LearnHub

Mar 17 2008 Published by under English,Ruby

Today is the day!

It’s my first day in LearnHub. Pretty exciting! Time to have fun with Ruby on Rails fulltime!

Here is our development team at March 17, 2008:

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How to create a working Facebook Application in a minute?

Mar 11 2008 Published by under English,Facebook


I’ve created my first video lesson on LearnHub.com.

This video is 1 minute and 5 seconds long. The first minute shows how to create a Facebook Application, followed by 5 seconds showing the app in action!


ScreenFlow 1.1 from Vara Software

Music is cut from Jazz in GarageBand

Application is on: http://apps.facebook.com/learnhubdemo/

Planning on the next one: 5 minutes Facebook Application by RFacebook and HAML. Stay tuned, please. :D

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LearnHub.com – Community learning

Mar 04 2008 Published by under English,Toronto

Savvica Inc announced today the public launch of their e-learning destination, LearnHub.com.

Pretty exciting news for me. Why I am so excited? Well, here is a little secret:

I will start to work for Savvica as a Ruby or Rails developer in less than two weeks. :)

What is LearnHub.com?


LearnHub is for people who love learning and sharing knowledge with others. It is a set of tools that make learning online fun and engaging, and teaching online easy and effective.

Why should you care?

  • If you want to learn something:

LearnHub not only helps you learn, but it helps you connect with other students and teachers. A comprehensive reputation system, authority, helps you find reputable teachers, who you can trust.

  • If you want to share something:

Communities offer a showcase for your content, and a way to attract attention to your courses and tutoring. Courses allow you to sell your expertise. Tutoring allows you to sell your time. If you’re an expert teacher, LearnHub is the place to go to put up your content and let students find you.

By all means, LearnHub.com will become a new community for all of us, one of a kind community for learning and sharing.

People come to LearnHub.com everyday, but not the same people when they come out.

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