Using Zoomii to find your books on Amazon

Jun 15 2008

I’ve noticed Zoomii from the time Chris Thiessen did his presentation on Democamp 14. It was so impress and inspiration!

As Chris said, “Zoomii” is the closest the one which gives you the shopping experience like a real bookstore. Which I think is true. Take a minute on watching the video he created, I believe you will agree with me too.

Something else you might interested in:

  • Chris has built this totally on his owner using Java and JavaScript.
  • Chris has built this from zero. By zero, I mean he even built the web server for this instead of using Tomcat or others. I’ve asked him why, he said it was not that hard to create a web server and he only implemented what he really want, so the performance is pretty good.

Anyway, Zoomii is pre-open now, give it a try and you will like it. :)

Some updates:

Chris Thiessen – “Post-Launch Blog Posts

StartupNorth – “Zoomii – Book Browsing” – Jonas Brandon

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