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Feb 01 2008 Published by under English,Facebook,Toronto

Couple of things need to remember about Facebook groups:

  1. You have to choose a network which your group belongs to
  2. After you click “Finish and View”, you couldn’t change network anymore
  3. Only the people are in the same network can join your group

So, here’s one things make sure you do it right at the very beginning:

  1. Set Global as the network of your group.

But, if I already created a group and want to change its network, what can I do?

The answer from Facebook is very simple: recreate it.

Today we created a new group for ToRCHI:


And the next monthly meeting will be the “Tour of IBM’s Innovation Centre“, make sure add it to your events.

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TorCHI January Meeting – Media for the Masses

Jan 31 2008 Published by under English,Toronto

I just came back from TorCHI monthly meeting, it was a great event again. Really appreciate the great efforts came from the managers of TorCHI and Leonardo Ruppenthal who is the awesome speaker tonight. Too bad I forgot bring my camera. I will catch up next time for sure.

Leonardo Ruppenthal is a senior user experience consultant at Bell Web Solution. He talked about what they are doing in Bell to help users easily access videos. And he inspired a great discussion on the status and predictions of user generated contents and old school TV channels.

About TorCHI:

Toronto Region’s special interest group on Computer-Human Interaction (ToRCHI) is a local chapter of the ACM’s special interest group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI). This chapter has members in Toronto, Guelph, Waterloo, Peterborough, and other nearby locations in Ontario. We are psychologists, designers, human factors engineers, computer scientists and computer users who meet to discuss and exchange ideas about human computer interaction and user interface design. We meet at 7:00pm in the second or third week of every month at various locations. The format of our meetings usually consists of refreshment time, presentations by invited guest speakers or discussion groups, followed by question periods, and open discussions.

Anyone who is in Toronto and interested in UX and CHI could/should join this. Next meeting is February 27. It is a tour at IBM’s Global Services lab. Should be cool!

And the ToRCHI Facebook is on: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2323294704

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