MarsEdit – The World’s Best Blog Editor updated to 2.1

Jan 31 2008

MarsEdit is the one which I use to create my blog posts. Yes, I am writing this post in MarsEdit right now. I’ve tested some other offline and online blog editors already, and MarsEdit is the best one as far as I can tell.

So, what’s new from 2.0 to 2.1?

MarsEdit - The World’s Best Blog Editor updated to 2.1

1. Search Your Drafts and Entries

Now you can quickly filter your posts and drafts by keywords. Just type a word or phrase into the toolbar search field, and MarsEdit will restrict the post listing to only items that contain the text you’ve typed.

2. Native Tags Support

For supported systems, including Movable Type and WordPress, MarsEdit now offers a field for capsule-style tagging of your posts. It even remembers the tags you’ve typed before, so you’ll be able to reuse them in a jiffy on future posts.

3. Improved Web Preview

MarsEdit’s built-in preview sports a sleek new default appearance, massively enhanced performance, and fine-tuned usability. Now previews update quickly and without flickering or jumping around as you edit your post.

4. Save Drafts To Server

A new Post Status popup in the options pane lets you choose between Published and Draft status. Server support for this feature is somewhat hit-or-miss, so be sure to test with something not too embarrassing!


Homepage of MarsEdit

Download from official website

More on what’s new

MarsEdit on MacUpdate

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