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Mar 04 2008 Published by under English,Toronto

Savvica Inc announced today the public launch of their e-learning destination, LearnHub.com.

Pretty exciting news for me. Why I am so excited? Well, here is a little secret:

I will start to work for Savvica as a Ruby or Rails developer in less than two weeks. :)

What is LearnHub.com?


LearnHub is for people who love learning and sharing knowledge with others. It is a set of tools that make learning online fun and engaging, and teaching online easy and effective.

Why should you care?

  • If you want to learn something:

LearnHub not only helps you learn, but it helps you connect with other students and teachers. A comprehensive reputation system, authority, helps you find reputable teachers, who you can trust.

  • If you want to share something:

Communities offer a showcase for your content, and a way to attract attention to your courses and tutoring. Courses allow you to sell your expertise. Tutoring allows you to sell your time. If you’re an expert teacher, LearnHub is the place to go to put up your content and let students find you.

By all means, LearnHub.com will become a new community for all of us, one of a kind community for learning and sharing.

People come to LearnHub.com everyday, but not the same people when they come out.

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