AppStore Secrets

Feb 22 2009 Published by under Apple,iPhone

iPhone AppStore Secrets – Pinch Media

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The Most Good Looking iPhone App – Groups

Feb 10 2009 Published by under Apple,English,iPhone

Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management

Groups takes contacts group management to a totally different level. With a highly innovative user interface, you get to manage your contacts the iPhone way; drag them, drop them or trash them. As they say, “Drag & Drop is worth a thousand operations”… or something like that!

It is the most good looking app I’ve found on App Store so far. It makes the build-in ‘Contacts’ looks like a piece of …..

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25 Years of Mac

Jan 12 2009 Published by under Apple,English,Mac

25 Years of Mac: From Boxy Beige to Silver Sleek (WIRED MAGAZINE: 17.01)

25 Years of Mac.
Click on the image to see the full-sized timeline of Apple products.

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Java SE 6 on Leopard, Officially!

Apr 29 2008 Published by under Apple,English,Java,Mac,OS X

Half a year after Leopard has been released, we finally get an official Java SE 6 from Apple today!

Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 adds support for Java SE 6

Thanks Apple! Anyway…

As you can see from the description:

This update does not replace the existing installation of J2SE 5.0 or change the default version of Java.

So if you want to make Java SE 6 your default version of Java, there is one thing you need to do:

sudo ln….. OK, no command line this time.

Here is the right way to do:

  1. Launch /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java\
  2. Drag “Java SE 6 (64-bit)” to the top of the “Java Application runtime Setting”
  3. Save

You could change Java Applet Runtime Version to J2SE 6 too, but please make sure you know you really need it.


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Update RubyGems to new Version on Leopard

Apr 03 2008 Published by under Apple,Mac,OS X,Ruby

RubyGems just updated to version 1.1.0. Couple of the major changes are “Index updates are much faster now” and “only updates from a latest index by default”. So, time to update.

As Leopard already has Ruby and RubyGems preinstalled (Thanks, Apple!). So the default update way:

$ sudo gem update –system

will NOT work well.

Here is what you should do on Leopard 10.5.2:

$ sudo gem install rubygems-update
$ sudo update_rubygems


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Fix New MacBook Pro AirPort problem

Apr 02 2008 Published by under Apple,Mac,OS X

I’ve got my Shinning super cool new MacBook Pro two weeks ago. Everything works fine until recently after some automatic updates.

The MacBook Pro I have is 2.4GHz 15′ version. I am so loving it! But the AirPort problem is really annonying!

For some reason, at the end of the day, pretty much every day, MacBook Pro wireless connection just suddenly stop working with my AirPort Extreme. But at the same time my old MacBook works just fine. Turn MacBook Pro AirPort off and on, and try to connect to my wireless network again and again. Nothing helps. Rebooting AirPort Extreme again and again just helps a little. Some logs on console:

airportd Error: Apple80211Associated() failed -6

_emUIServer Error: airport MIG failed = -6 ((null) port = 45523

Did a google search and found a lot of people do have the same problem and so far there is no good solution yet. Some of them said go back to 10.5.1 actually fix the problem, and this is a suggestion from Apple Genius. Which I think is a solution but it is for away from good. I don’t really want to downgrade as I already installed too much into my Leopard and spent amount of time to make it works smothly as what my MacBook does.

This is really pain!

Spend some more time these two days and did some more tests. Finally have good progress. But couple of the tests is really risky, such as, Leopard told me no AirPort Card installed after rebooting. :D

Anyway, here is the simplest but working solution:

  1. Find your original “MacBook Pro Mac OS X Install Disc 1″, please make sure it is yours, not somebody else’s!
  2. copy /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext from “Mac OS X Install Disc 1” overwrite to your Macintosh\ HD/System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext
  3. After couple of seconds, Leopard will pick up your changes and your MacBook Pro will link back to wireless network again without any problem!

Yes, you don’t even need a reboot! :)

If you couldn’t find your original install disc 1, you still can use someone’s if them have the same model as your MacBook Pro. But make sure do a backup for IO80211Family.kext.


Maxwell Rocatanski suggested Pacifist for whom aren’t as comfortable using the terminal. Thanks MaxWell!

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MacBreak Weekly 75: MacHeist Replies

Jan 30 2008 Published by under Apple,English

MacBreek WeeklyMacBreak Weekly is one of the best podcast which focuses on Apple, Mac and OS X. If you didn’t subscribe it, I strongly recommend you to do so. You can easily find the way on their homepage:

The hosts of this episode are same as usual: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Andy Ihnatko, Scott Bourne, and Alex Lindsay. Two of them are little sick.

The guests are Philip Ryu form MacHeist and Andrew Welch from Ambrosia. It is really interesting to hear talking from these people, who are great developers or people who are behind some big things in Mac World.

Why “MacHeist Replies”? The short story is:

  1. MacHeist recently had a great success on selling $500 software bundle for just $49. The final number is: 43,815 bundles sold and $488,003 raised for charity.
  2. In the last episode, MacBreak Weekly 74, the guest Rich Siegel (from Bare Bones Software, the creater of BBEdit) “dismisses the arguements” related to MacHeist bundle.
  3. In this episode, Philip Ryu and Andrew Welch talked back.

It is amazing to see such a podcast could feature exactly like a old school serious TV shows!

Anyway, subscribe it and you will like it too.

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